Do you have the kind of Passion, Love, and Adventure you want in your life?

 Are you ready to make some permanent changes in your life and relationships?

Many people ask me how I am able to travel all the time and live the life that I love!? I would love to share the secrets I have learned about how to use the power of your mind and emotions to create and live YOUR dream life as well! :) My Passion Quest Program is all about helping you to do this. 


What's a Passion Quests?

It's a Transformational Women's Adventure Healing Retreat!

One of my mentors always says in order to create true change and transformation in our lives we must overcome our body, the environment and time. On our Passion Quest Retreat we will do just that! You will retreat from the rut and pattern of your everyday life and environment, to find yourself in a new and exotic location. I also know that P.L.A.Y (Passion, Love, Adventure, and knowing your "Y") is an important part of creating your dreams and living a life you love! This is why I have designed my Passion Quest Retreats.

I am an expert at helping people to create through P.L.A.Y= Passion, Love, Adventure.... What is your "Y"?

I want to help you find and live your own "Y"!


What kind of things will you be doing on your Passion Quest? 

*Daily Yoga, meditations, and other energy work to clear, heal and align your Chakras (using Reiki and other energy healing)

*Transformational experiences where you will learn new skills to help you get out of your old mind and into a new one.

*Adventure experiences such as surfing and waterfall hiking and repelling to overcome your F.E.A.R

*Salsa Dancing to regain your confidence and get your sexy back

*Painting and writing to get your creativity flowing

*Pampering yourself and nurturing your soul

*Becoming clear on your purpose and vision of the future you are creating

And healthy eating to fuel your body for healing


I would love to have you join me on a Passion Quest!

This will truly be an experience that will change you forever! 

I also know that in order to have lasting change you need ongoing support. It is usually not an overnight experience, it is important to me that you experience true and lasting change from this program. Therefore, the purchase of a Passion Quest Retreat also includes the Divine Daughters Series of 7 experiential live events focusing on the 7 main Chakras in the body. In addition to live events Divine Daughters also includes group and private coaching over the course of 6-12 month depending on how quickly you choose to move through the program.

Exotic Retreat Locations:




Sunset Guatemala Guatemala Volcanoes


Beach Maui Maui Sunset