Contact Information and Agreement

Ashlee Peterson

Phone Number: 801-836-4176


While you are mentoring/coaching with me, you may contact me during these times:

Phone- During our scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (or as otherwise arranged) mentoring appointments or during a true emergency between the hours of 10 am-6pm. In which case I will answer if I can, or respond as soon as I am able (within 48hrs unless I have otherwise notified you that I will be unavailable during a certain time) however it is best to text me to follow up if I do not answer when you call.

Text- To report on your assignment completions, or if you have a quick question or need to reschedule an appointment last minute due to an emergency. Between the hours of 9am and 7pm. I agree to respond within 2 days whenever possible.

Email- When you have questions and when you need to submit your tracking on action steps, and assignments. You may email me at any hour. I will respond within 3 days whenever possible.

If you have completed your mentoring package and you do not continue further mentoring with me, these communications will not be available. However, you may contact me for a courtesy brief (15 minute or less) follow up for up to 60 days after, should you have something come up after mentoring. You can contact me via email or text to arrange this. I agree to get back to you within 1 week if at all possible. However this is not part of the package, so if I am unable to accommodate this I sincerely apologize.

Terms and Conditions of Mentoring Programs

1- I am not trained to handle situations of abuse and highly recommend seeing a specialist who is to deal with these challenges.

2- I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose and diseases or ailments.

3-The client will be responsible for initiating the call at their scheduled time. You are responsible for scheduling your individual coaching sessions with me, If you do not schedule or “show up” for your coaching sessions I am not going to try and chase you down to make sure you get your coaching, it is your responsibility. 

4- At least 24 hours notice should be given if an appointment needs to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. If an appointment is missed without notice this appointment will be lost and an additional makeup session will be charged at an a-la-carte rate of $250/hr if needed, unless in the case of a true emergency i.e. life threatening situation with self or family.

5- All appointments need to end on time,if more time or additional appointments are needed they will be charged at an a-la-carte rate $250/hr.

6-If you are having suicidal thoughts please, please see a trained psychiatric professional to help you. You are loved, you are needed on this planet, I care, I am just not qualified to help you with this.

7-I also do not handle physical addictions (drug, pornography, alcohol, ect) again, please see specialist who is trained to help you with this. So you can get the help you need and deserve.

8-Please no confessions, If I am uncomfortable with the topic, I will let you know. Please respect this.

9-Each appointment will be recorded as a record of what happened at each appointment.

10-You are responsible for making the final decision on what your next action step will be. I am a guide, you are the creator of your own life and dreams though!

11- You are responsible for your own action or inaction and therefore how successful this program is for you. I will teach you knowledge and skills to make changes, you alone are responsible for taking action and creating your life.

12- If I ever feel unsafe, I will not continue a mentoring appointment, and I would expect you to let me know if you feel unsafe at any time for any reason as well.

13- All coaching programs and Packages are non-refundable**. Depending on the package you have purchased you may be able to exchange, transfer or credit it to another program.

14- Depending on the coaching package you purchased you have 2-6 months* from the date of purchase to complete your individual coaching sessions. I will not be chasing you down to schedule appointments, it is your responsibility to make sure you get all your coaching sessions completed in this time frame, unless other arrangements are made and agreed to in advance.

15- You have 90 days access from date of purchase* to complete introductory online programs (i.e. Healing from Heartbreak, and Creating your Dreams with P.L.A.Y. course.). It is your responsibility to reach out to me if you need help, special arrangements ect for this.

16- For more extensive online courses such as Passion Quest and Divine Daughters programs you will have 6 month access from date of purchase* for course completion (unless other arrangements have been made and agreed to in advance).

*These time limits and guidelines are to help you stay in action as well as prevent people from coming back months or even years later asking to complete their programs. I am always growing and improving, therefore my courses are always changing as well. I am constantly creating new things. As I learn and gain new knowledge and skills to be an even more effective coach my coaching rates also increase with my growth. Therefore, it is unlikely that I will have the same program or coaching package you purchased 2 years later. This is why I have these rules.

**Also my coaching programs and courses are all non- refundable because I know that anytime we try to change and improve ourselves, we will inevitably meet opposition and I would not be a very good coach if I did not keep you to your word in investing in your own dreams. The coaching I do is very effective and you will meet a greater version of yourself through it if you keep your commitments and take action for your growth. However, that being said you are the one responsible to take action. I can not force you to change, I can only enforce this no refund policy to help you keep your commitment to your own personal development.