My Story and why I do this:

After a very dramatic ending of my 3 year relationship (due to infidelity) left me completely heartbroken and devastated, I found myself screaming WHY ME!? I was gripped with sadness, feeling barely able to get out of bed in the morning. I was depressed, angry and frustrated. I simply could not understand why this had happened. I am a good person, kind, loving, understanding and forgiving, evidently in this case I had been a little too understanding. Yet I had found myself leaving my husband and asking for a divorce at 23, and now at only 27 I was dealing with the devastating effects of infidelity and the drastic consequences of slapping my ex for cheating on me, then lying about it.

Realizing I was the common denominator in both extremely heartbreaking experiences, I decided I needed to change. I spent the next several years reading, researching, and “doing the work” to heal and break this unhealthy cycle. My studies focused on personal development and finding peace and understanding. I learned from many great teacher, scientists, and spiritual thought leaders, such as Napolean Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Through the exercises and teaching I learned from all these sources combined, I found the ability to heal, understand, forgive, and reignite my passion for life. Now I know that it is my personal mission to share my journey and help other to do the same! I look forward to working with you!

As part of my healing I embarking on a six month solo “Passion Quest” through Central America. While in Central America, I learned to Salsa dance which was a key part in healing my soul and restoring my self confidence. I discovered that dancing, art, and adventure are instrumental components of healing, which is why I incorporate them into my programs.

Many people ask me if I am a counselor, I am not. In college I studied behavioral sciences and took several courses on subjects such as psychology, communication and one on one case work. However I have not found counseling to be effective for actually moving forward in a timely manner towards a thriving life. It did not work for me, when I ask other people if counseling has helped them move forward and heal usually there experience and results are the same as mine. I feel traditional counseling puts too much emphasis on the problem and the past and not enough on the future and taking charge of creating the life you want. I also feel like counseling does not put enough emphasis on taking personal responsibility for your own life and future rather than being a victim of the past and your ex’s poor choices.

This is why I have chosen to become a mentor and coach rather than a counselor. I considered going back to school for a counseling degree when I started Free-Spirited faith, however it did not make sense to invest time and money in something I feel is ineffective. Therefore I choose to invest in learning knowledge to create real change. As well as learning tools and skills for coaching and mentoring others to do the same instead. In coaching we do explore psychology and the role the past had in creating our beliefs that are not supporting us and therefore our current experiences; however the focus is on taking control, rewiring our mind and taking action to move forward towards creating an awesome future rather than putting all our focus and energy in the past.  I will teach you how to literally rewire your brain and therefore break free from the emotional addictions that keep us recreating old familiar experiences. Though our sessions you will learn all the tools you need to break these patterns and have the support you need to do it!