As your Heartbreak Healing coach I help you to move forward with faith beyond heartbreak to overcome the pain of divorce, betrayal, or other life altering relationship changes.*

In our Passion Quest mentoring sessions I will work with you to help and support you in moving forward in achieving a specific goal or dream you have. If you are not sure what your dream is, or you have lost your passion for life, I will work with you to help you to rediscover your passion and purpose and build a dream come true life!


In our sessions we will work together to help you take responsibility and control of your current life situation and creating your future. I will teach you tools to move forward by helping you uncover and change patterns and unsupportive beliefs that are stopping you from having what you want. We will do unsupportive belief breakthrough and rewire your mind around unsupportive beliefs. Of course you are the only one who can do the work to change your life, however I will lead you in the healing process. I have been where you are and I have successfully overcome that energy sucking grip of despair, disappointment and hopelessness that comes from complete heartbreak. I am committed to assisting you in doing the same as your accountability partner, teacher and support on the way to healing and thriving in your life once again! I really look forward to working with you!

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*If you are recovering from divorce or other heartbreak, I highly suggest doing the full 8 Session Healing from Heartbreak  coaching package in order to get the best results and see changes in your heart and lifeI am sorry that you are in this heartbreaking situation, and I understand what a struggle it can be just to get up each day. I look forward to helping you to get past this and thrive in your life once again! 🙂