As Latter-day Saints we believe that families are forever. Families are central to our lives, the gospel, and God’s plan for each of us. This is why the experience of a divorce is especially devastating for members of our faith. Sadly due to a variety of reasons there is a growing populations on LDS divorcees. I wish this wasn’t the case and I am sure that most others who are also divorced feel the same way. However it is a fact that divorce is happening daily and those who are a part of it need help healing from LDS divorce.

Yes, I do agree that much can be done to help keep families together and prevent divorce in the first place. There are many programs and people focusing on this. I feel this is very important. However for many of us, it is too late, we are already divorced. Although I support working to save your marriage and doing all you can “to water your own grass, before running off to greener pastures.” I also feel there are marriages that just simply can/should not be saved. This was the experience I had, I tried everything and nothing changed. I did not see my marriage ever working out for my happiness and neither did my LDS marriage therapist. So I choose to leave my marriage in hopes for finding a compatible eternal companion and having a happy life together.

When I became divorced, I was sad frustrated, heartbroken and very disappointed. I never ever thought I would be divorced. My personal relationships mean the world to me and have always been my top priority so I could not imagine how I wound up in that position. I found very little resources to help members who are divorced, and felt like I was alone as a 23 year old LDS divorcee. Now that I have finally healed from my own past experiences, I have felt very strongly prompted to help others in my former situation. That is why I wrote my book WHY ME!? 7 Spiritual Keys to Moving Forward with Faith and Healing from LDS Divorce , as well as created Free-Spirited Faith, to assist others in healing from LDS divorce.

Free-Spirited Faith provides classes, workshops, seminars, and other resources to assist Latter-day Saints in healing from LDS divorce.