Purchase an ecopy of my brand new book “ How to Create Your Dreams: 7 Steps to Creating Your Dreams with P.L.A.Y” book on Amazon for just .99 cents today!


This “How to” guide will walk you through the 7 Steps to creating YOUR personal dreams into reality. Some of the key learnings from this book include:

  • The science and energetics of creation. This knowledge will enable you to effectively get the Cycle of Creation working for you as the co-creator of the life you want, rather than living as a victim of circumstance.
  • Strategies to overcome the top three self sabotages that prevent most people from living their dreams.Overcome these “dream stealers” to live a truly passionate and amazing life!
  • Why P.L.A.Y – Passion, Love, Adventure, and finding your “Why” – are critical components in creation. This understanding helps you to choose how to best invest your time, energy, and resources to stay in alignment with your dreams, so that this ideal vision inevitably becomes your reality!

I believe in you! I believe in your dreams! I absolutely believe they are possible for you! I know that these 7 Steps will help you to make them happen. Now go forward, implement these concepts and watch the miracles unfold to create an amazing and epic life! I love living a life I am passionate about! I love experiencing my dreams and miracles in my reality and I want the same for you. Remember your divine nature as a powerful co-creator of your reality and act accordingly.


Ashlee Peterson