Ashlee Peterson has always been a spiritual person with a special interest in studying Spirituality and Human Behavior. She studied Behavioral Sciences and Community Health at Utah Valley University.

She was an active member of the LDS church, until her unhappy marriage and ensuing divorce rocked her world and testimony at the young age of 23. Afterwards she struggled to understand why this had happened, and spent several years trying to work through this. Just a few years later after her second long term committed relationship failed in a far worse way than the first one had, she found myself screaming WHY ME!? I’m a good person! I certainly did not deserve this!

Realizing she was the common denominator in both extremely heartbreaking experiences, she decided she needed to change. She spent the next several years reading, researching, and “doing the work” to learn from her experiences and create changes in her life. Her studies focused on personal development and finding peace and understanding. She learned from many great teachers, scientists, and spiritual thought leaders, such as Napolean Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Her path eventually lead her back to the gospel where she incorporated all she learned about energy, neuroscience, and quantum physics into her Christian belief system

Her healing journey also included embarking on a solo “Passion Quest” through Central America. While there she learned to Salsa dance and discovered that dancing, art, and adventure were instrumental components of her healing. Through the exercises and teaching she learned from all these sources combined with her religious beliefs, as well as art, dance, and adventure she was able to heal, understand, forgive, and reignite her passion for life.

Free-Spirited Faith is the result of several strong prompting and inspiration she has had to do something to help the growing population of divorcees. It is now her mission to use her painful experiences and lessons learned to help other divorcees and those suffering from heartbreak to find peace, understanding, and healing and move forward with faith to courageously and passionately create a better future. Her book 7 Spiritual Keys to Healing from Heartbreak and Breaking the Pattern, shares her story and lessons learned to help others in a real and meaningful way to move through similar struggles.

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Horne, C:STUDIOS photography